Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Trailer

Losing a parent in the 9/11 attacks is an outright tragedy, but in the new film ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ it becomes even more heart-breaking when that adult is Tom Hanks. He seems like such a cool dad.  Al Qaeda will pay in blood!

I hope this isn’t just a cheap Hollywood cash-in on a national disaster. Eric Roth wrote the screenplay, who has churned out scripts like ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, which delve too deep into sentiment in a way that hijacks the narrative arc. But we can only judge so far the trailer (overtly manipulative by their very nature), and the concept does seem interesting: a child dealing with the loss of a parent through the power of legacy, not denial. For example, he searches five boroughs of Manhatten in hope of finding the lock to which the mysterious key his Dad left behind fits. Of course, this only appears plausible because his Dad’s two-time Oscar-winning Tom Hanks; he’s so polite even his name abbreviates to “T.Hanks.”

When his son shows him a pebble though, he says “You rock!” in the trailer. C’mon, is that it? Nothing else? Is that the limit of Hollywood’s wordplay?

Here’s my alternative:

“You want cheesy geology puns? Give me a minute, son. I’ll dig some up.

*clears throat*

It’s so nice to see my child with such a solid foundation.


From your stony expression, I can tell you didn’t like the joke.”


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