“The Future”: Time travel never seems so dull

As we all have heard, if you drop a live frog into a boiling pan of water, it will immediately jump out.   But place the frog in unheated water, turn up the burner gradually, and the frog will boil alive none the wiser. But what happens if you don’t bother? And the frog just sits there in the water, sometimes blinking, splashing, ribbiting, but mostly ignoring you, neither enjoying itself nor trying to escape its situation, for about an hour and a half? ‘The Future’ similarly never even simmers.

It’s about a couple that decide to adopt an injured cat, but in the 30 days before being able to pick it up from the Rescue Centre, they experience existential despair and are forced to re-evaluate their lives. And we are supposed to believe that

a) shagging a stranger who you visit on a whim

b) campaigning against climate change

c) speaking to the moon

are all byproducts of the adoption process. The RSPCA are gonna be pissed off.

Most people would just buy a litter box.

1.5/5 (Suspends your disbelief like a ball of wool in front of a bored, unimpressed cat.)


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