Taylor’d to perfection?

Now I know there ain’t many Lautner fans out there at the moment (or ever, for that matter), especially after his first non-Twilight film ‘Abduction’ bombed at the box office (maybe his forthcoming role as Stretch Armstrong will wipe that smug grin off your faces), but shouldn’t we look on with admiration at his sheer relentless milking of the bloodied, sore teats of this cash cow?

Okay, he looks like a Llama that suffers from muscular dystrophy, and yes, maybe there is some truth behind the whole “he couldn’t act with a gun to his head” argument. But in the new Twilight film, ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’, he takes this to a whole new level. In every scene, he acts as soullessly, robotically, and joylessly as possible. Occasionally, he seems close to expressing true emotion, but reigns himself in like the true pro that he is. It’s almost as if Taylor Lautner’s saying, “You wanna see bad acting? I’ll show you some bad acting!”

Way to stick it to the naysayers, Lautner.


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