Viggo Mor-teen-sen

I’m assuming you’ve all seen this photo of Viggo Mortensen in the Sunday New York Times. I don’t even live in America, and I’ve seen it more times than the achingly cool ‘Eastern Promises.’

So, yeah, Viggo, WHY? WHHYYYYYY?  I didn’t realize Claire’s Accessories were doing catalogues for boys now. (Q: Does Claire’s Accessories even still exist? A: I’m an adult man.)

Speaking of adults, this dude was born in 1958… when Britain’s first motorway was opened, when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 3 into outer-space and when Iceland extended its fishing limits to 12 miles (okay, ignore that last one – I got carried away.) Also, what is up with that sub-headline? “Hollywood’s grungy anti-hero”? Really? He has good looks and success in abundance. I know he’s played some challenging roles in the past (let’s never forget when he went beyond the call of duty and performed this masterful fight scene in the nude), but he was also the leading hero in ‘Lord of the Rings.’ And what the Hell does “grungy” even mean in the year 2011? Sounds like an adjective to describe the produce on offer at Lidl.


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