Most Forgettable Films of 2011


Ugh. We get it, James Cameron. You like water and 3D. Time to move on.

Cowboys & Aliens

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting A Movie Made Nowadays: 1) Write down two nouns on a bit of paper  2) Hand it in to Harvey Weinstein. (Seriously, I’m flying out to his home tomorrow to pitch my film: Paedophiles vs. Wombles.)

No Strings Attached

Um, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher just having random bouts of sex? I think I’ll give that a miss. Said everyone.

Friends with Benefits

Despite being a carbon-copy of ‘No Strings Attached’, this film was touted as “the perfect date-night movie,” presumably based on the criteria of: Mila Kunis being hot, Justin ‘the trousersnake’ Timberlake being hot and the resulting sex, therefore, being hot. Personally, I recommend you skip both these boring films, and just watch the two female leads making-out in ‘Black Swan.’ Now that’s a scene I haven’t forgotten.


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